The Next Big Thing in North American TV – Ultra HD/4K TV


Ultra HD/4K TVs are the hottest thing in the new TV market right now in North America and around the world. As prices drop on this cutting edge technology and shipments of them to this continent increase, more and more North American TV fans are opting for one – and often a big one.

North Americans Like It Big

Sales have proven that North Americans choose extra large TVs more often than consumers in any other part of the world. The big TV market here is increasingly being dominated by Ultra HD/4K TVs, as the higher resolution makes for a much better image on a large screen. In fact, it’s getting hard to find large TVs in lower resolution available on the market today.

Some impressive statistics uncovered recently regarding Ultra HD TV trend are as follows.

  • Over 80% of shipped Ultra HD TVs are 50 inches or larger.
  • By 2020, all TVs 40 inches and larger for sale in North America will be Ultra HD.
  • By the end of 2016, 1 in 8 homes in North America will have these televisions.
  • By 2020, approximately 50% of homes on this continent will have an Ultra HD TV.
  • Standard large screen resolution is now 2160p.

TV Content Needs To Catch Up

To date, TV content for Ultra HD/4K TV is minimal. The TV industry is aware of the fact that Ultra HD TV is the next big thing, but like the debut of regular HD technology, the hardware introduction is far outpacing the response by those who create the content. While there are Ultra HD Blu-Ray players and discs already available, there are fewer than 10 Ultra HD channels worldwide.

Streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon are more responsive to the need for content and are already offering some Ultra HD programming, with more on the horizon. Despite their embracing this new type of programming, there is still much room for improvement.

In a matter of a couple of years, content will catch up with the Ultra HD technology. While it is still in its infancy stage, Ultra HD is definitely the next great thing to come along for your TV viewing pleasure.

Cellular Provider T-Mobile is Upping the Ante With Stock

Some companies just naturally lead the pack in their industry when it comes to just about everything, and when it comes to cellular phone providers, T-Mobile is that leader. Despite being the 3rd largest of the top 4 nationwide cellular providers, it is topping satisfaction rankings for cellular users. The same company that brought cell phone users roll-over data plans, international roaming, and media streaming promotions, is now offering a stock incentive to new and existing primary account holders.

The Stock Up Promotion

One free share of common stock is being offered to all customers with primary accounts. It is tax free and can be obtained from June 7-21 via Loyal3, the online brokerage firm. More than 11 million users are eligible to receive the one share of stock that was over $41 in value in early June. The company is purchasing its own shares on the open market to give away, instead of diluting the value of existing stock by issuing more.

Another aspect of the T-Mobile promotion is stock in exchange for customer referrals. Account holders earn one share of common stock for every referral, up to a maximum of 100 shares annually. If an account holder has been a customer for 5 years or more, they receive two shares of common stock per referral until the end of 2017.

The promotion known as “Stock Up” is a part of an aggressive Un-carrier marketing strategy by the company. It wants to increase awareness of the fact that it offers more flexibility on data usage than any other company. It has even added freebies for T-Mobile travelers who fly: access to iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, and Google Hangouts from smartphones on domestic Gogo Wi-Fi flights, and an hour of free Wi-Fi.

And There’s More

T-Mobile also has an app that it is using to provide rewards to loyal customers. Every Tuesday, users can receive a surprise gift, a game, contests or a recurring gift. This promotion is not just for primary account holders. Every line gets the opportunity for rewards. Prizes include free pizzas from Domino’s, Fandango movie tickets, and entry into contests for exotic trips and shopping sprees.

With approximately 30 million lines, T-Mobile is definitely taking customer appreciation to a level unheard of in most industries.